Women’s Dark Magic Superhero Wig: Unlock Your Mystic Look

This year, use this Women’s Dark Magic Superhero Wig to show them your power.


The Power of PurpleLegends tell of a force in the universe that twists and flows throughout multiple realities. Is it a demonic power that bestows wondrous magic upon those it touches or is it simply being connected to something greater than ourselves!?None can truly know. All we recognize is the glorious, dark-purple hue with which it shines! For some, it appears as a mysterious cloak that protects and empowers them. In others, it makes their eyes glow bright, brimming with purple energy. Of course, we’re always curious about the most powerful version of this energy. Would it make all their skin turn purple? No! Too obvious, of course. It makes their hair gleam with violet energy… and the bonus of great style, too!Design & DetailsChannel the mysterious might of this purple energy when you don the crown of dark magic with this Made by Us wig! Our Dark Magic Superhero wig is a shoulder-length cut with a sharp widow’s peak and a mystical blend of dark and light purple color. It is a natural fit for any witch or magic-using hero, especially if you have a dark back story! Wig of WitcheryThe most magical accessory is always the one that truly tops off your look. So, why wouldn’t you choose a mysterious wig that may also offer you the dark magical powers of the unknown? (Disclaimer: Does not include dark powers.)