Women’s Captain Marvel Earring Studs Set: Stylish Accessories

Complete your head to toe Captain Marvel costume by adding a pair of earrings from this Captain Marvel Earring Studs Set!


SERIOUS SUPERHEROISMCarol Danvers takes her job pretty seriously. After all, she’s the first line of defense against Skrull invasions and she needs to make sure the Avengers don’t get in too deep with Thanos. She can’t afford to mess around when it comes to Earth’s security. She dresses like a superhero, from her head to her toes. We even have it on authority that she even wears her Captain Marvel symbol on her earrings! In fact, we have some of her favorite pairs of earrings right here!PRODUCT DETAILSThis Captain Marvel Earring Stud set comes with 3 different pairs of earrings. Each one has a design based on her iconic symbol from the movie. One is a simple gold star design. The second is a gold star encased inside of a circular frame with stripes on the sides. The final one has the star and a pair of wings on each side. They’re the perfect way to accent your Captain Marvel costume, but you can also use them to add a little superhero style to your everyday attire.HERO EARRINGSThese earrings are great for any Marvel fan. Just add them to your outfit to feel a little more like a hero!