White Halo with LED Lights – Angel Halo

All Angels have a halo but they probably don’t have one like this! This White Halo has Led Lights within the feathers. Wearing this Halo will make you the coolest Angel at the party.


Hey, did you drop this? Because you look like an angel.Cheesy pick-up line, we know. And yeah, it doesn’t make much sense, does it? Can’t they just send a posse of angels to give you a life back to the clouds? Anyway, we digress. You won’t have to worry about falling from the sky if you’re wearing this White Halo with LED Lights. Word on the street is that it gives you the power of flight! And why would you want to leave the clouds anyway? Scampering around in the clouds with all the other angels seems fun. There’s plenty of sunshine, you get to fly, and there’s a seemingly endless supply of harps to play. Best of all, without the pesky constraints of gravity, those clouds look like fluffy little pillows to bounce around on. What a dream. But it also seems like it could get dull really quick without much more than clouds, so taking a break to be a little bad from time to time seems perfectly reasonable. Nothing to bad: just a little galavanting around on earth: hit up some dance clubs and flirt with the locals to break up the monotony of angelic life. As long as nobody gets hurt, what’s the worst that could happen?