Venus Fly Trap Costume

Haven’t you ever wanted to be a man-eating plant? This Venus Fly Trap Costume is a funny adult plant costume.


The venus flytrap is one of those great examples of nature’s deep-down weirdness, a plant that can eat animals. Imagine what a shock that must have been to the first people who saw one of these jagged-jawed plants snap shut on an unsuspecting fly. They were used to a landscape of dangerous animals who wouldn’t think twice about eating them, but up until that moment, they had probably assumed those green leafy things were no threat. That’s the kind of discovery that can keep a primitive human up at night.Of course, in real life carnivorous plants are no danger to humans – most can’t process anything larger than an insect – but that hasn’t kept them out of our horror movie fantasies. Man-eating plants have been a staple of cheap monster movies for ages, and even the occasional big-budget musical. There’s something so wrong yet right about a plant that can turn the tables on the food chain, it’s no surprise that they’ve captured our imagination.Join the vegetable revolution with this impressive venus flytrap costume, featuring a shaped headpiece with a mesh hood for easy vision, a leafy green mantle over the chest, and a long yellow tongue. Brown elastic-waist pants form a flower pot that allows a full range of motion for a plant on the go. All of the insects at your next costume party had better watch their backs – and maybe a few of the humans too!