Towering Terror Reaper Scary Costume

Scare off all of the Halloween goers with the Towering Terror Reaper!


The Taller the BetterGhosts will try anything for a scare. They will tickle your toes in the middle of the night. They’ll play mind games by tapping on window sills or whispering your name in the night, leaving you unsure if you heard anything or not. Or maybe they’ll steal your keys just long enough to make you start blaming your significant other and just as they start to help you look, the keys appear back in the bowl, just where you thought you left them. We haven’t even mentioned those mischevious little poltergeists that like to pile dining room chairs on each other or steal socks from the laundry. But here’s what ghosts don’t know. Spook factor isn’t about timing or tricks, it’s actually about height. Don’t get us wrong, we’re glad that ghosts haven’t figured that out, we don’t think we could recover from that kind of paranormal activity. Still, we can take advantage of this fact with a mighty awesome Terror Reaper!Product DetailsThis Towering Terror Reaper stands twenty-four inches over your head with the wearable height extender. The black robe hangs from the inflatable shoulders with a ghosty, gauzy overlay on the hood and shoulders. The hands are bony and will creep everyone out. The mask is large with large eyes and a spooky grin. You can wear it around the neighborhood or prop it up to use as a piece of a terrifying decor. A Bone to PickWhen it comes to spooking trick-or-treaters, it’s getting tougher than ever. We’ve seen kids shake the hands of skeletons and laugh in the face of many-eyed spiders. It’s time to bring an edge of fright back to your Halloween decor. Play some creepy music, light those pumpkins, and get ready. There are going to be some seriously fun shrieks and squeals from those ghosts and goblins this year!