Top Hat Black for Men

This Top Hat Black looks great with a ton of costumes! You’ll look like one classy gent!


There’s only one way to look like a million bucks. You have to wear an outfit that looks like you had to have spent a million bucks on it. We’re not sure about you, but we are pretty sure you don’t quite have that kind of cash hanging around the house. You probably wouldn’t be looking at this particular top hat to impress everyone in the world. Or maybe you are the people with a million bucks, but have realized those expensive top hats just aren’t as worth it as you thought.We’re not really here to judge our customers though. We’d much rather outfit them with a fantastic costume. No matter what your life is, we promise hat this hat will get your look to at least a solid 500,000 dollars, guaranteed. How’d that for a start? Now you just need your shirt, pants, and shoes to add up to the second half of your million, and you’ll be set to hit up the town.