The Crazy SideKids live their lives on the wild side, especially when they are still just toddlers. They’ll be perfectly content with watching television one second and then the next they’ll go bonkers. They could be coloring the living room walls, riding the dog like a horse, or plotting the takedowns of foreign governments. You just can’t predict what they will do next. With all that in mind, our costume design department went ahead and created the perfect costume for toddlers everywhere. We present to you, the Wacky Mad Hatter! Get the teapot on the stove and prepare for one wacky Halloween.Details & DesignAs wacky as this costume appears it is actually a quite simple ensemble to assemble. The brown jacket with its purple accents and the white frill at the ends of the sleeves is the start of your child’s wonderland makeover. Attached to the jacket is the zany vest. It looks like a variety of vests from the past that had all been torn up and sewn back together for the sake of absurdity. The pair of plain black pants helps to provide some sort of balance between sanity and insanity.The bowtie is a tad-bit on the larger side and just adds to the craziness of the entire outfit. There are buttons, needles, and spools of thread printed on the bowtie as well. Finally, you can top off this wonderful transformation with the oversized top hat. It matches the color scheme of the suit and looks big enough to hide everything needed for an impromptu tea party underneath.The Before TimeWhen your little one dresses up in this for Halloween the madness will be nonstop. That may sound like a terrible idea but before you know it they’ll tucker themselves out and you’ll be able to enjoy peace and quiet. You do remember what that is, right?