Toddler Girls Batgirl Dress-Up Caped Costume Dress: Heroic Style

Clean up crime in the officially licensed Toddler Girls Batgirl Dressup Caped Costume Dress.


Batman Needs Her HelpWe get the impression that Batman could use a little help. Have you seen Gotham City lately? No matter how many times he captures a supervillain, a new one just pops up overnight! He can’t seem to stop the baddies from overrunning Gotham. So, what’s a Caped Crusader to do? Call in the backup, of course! We think your girl is perfect for the job. All she needs is a heroic attitude, some special moves, and the right outfit. Of course, you can help teach her how to be heroic, so we’ll just help you out with the whole superhero outfit thing!This Toddler Girls Batgirl Costume is the perfect superhero outfit for any little girl looking to help keep Gotham safe. It comes with everything she needs to get started!Product DetailsThis officially licensed Batgirl Costume Dress comes with a black velvet dress that has an embroidered yellow Batman symbol on the front. The skirt of the dress consists of multiple layers of tulle material and it even features gold-colored accents around the edges. The costume also comes with a cape! After all, your little one can’t become a caped crusader if she’s missing her cape! The cape has a large, glittering Batman symbol on it and it attaches to the dress with fasteners near the shoulders. To finish the whole outfit off, the costume comes with a bat-shaped headband that fits with an elastic band in the back. When you’re little girl is fully geared up in this outfit, she’ll be ready to help Batman keep Gotham safe!Gotham City Safe Once Again!If your child wants to help Batman, or if she just wants to strike out as a superhero in her outright, then this officially licensed Batgirl costume will have her ready to go!