Toddler Circus Monkey Costume

This Toddler Circus Monkey Costume is the best costume to show off your performance skills. Impress your audience with both your wonderful talents and your adorable costume!


Time to Join the CircusDoes it ever feel like you are running a circus at home? The clowns are running around the kitchen. There are acrobatic acts on the living room furniture. Dealing with the cat can be like taming a lion from time to time. Well, maybe this Halloween it’s just time you give in. As they say, if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em!Start by getting your toddler dressed up for his part in your madhouse. He’s always monkeying around, right? Then our exclusive Circus Monkey Costume will be the perfect fit. Instead of scolding your little one, you can encourage his monkey business this time around. Tell him to go bananas! Then by the time the Halloween festivities come to an end, he’ll be bushed and ready for bed.Details & DesignWith this costume, you’ll hardly be able to recognize your kiddo. However, this silly transformation is rather simple when it comes down to it. It’s actually just a three-piece outfit.Your little one will start with a fuzzy brown hooded jacket. The hood has all the delightful features of a cartoony monkey; big ears, friendly eyes, and a little red hat. Then add the black and white striped pants and your little one will suddenly have a tail. Finally, toss the red vest on your child and he’ll be ready for some serious monkeying around!Unleash the MonkeyBring the circus to town this Halloween when you dress up your toddler in this fun, cute costume. Straight out of our Made By Us collection, this getup will let your kiddo’s wild side out. Not saying that was an issue before, but now the whole neighborhood can see your monkey get funky.  Oh, and don’t worry. They will all love it and may even reward him with some candy. Halloween, it’s such a magical time.