The Hobbit Gollum Mask

One thing you’re missing my precious? This The Hobbit Gollum Mask. The perfect accessory to complete the most ideal and realistic Hobbit costume around.


What Were You Doing?Sneaking? Sneaking?! How dare that silly Hobbit accuse you of sneaking! You’re just trying to show them how to get to Mordor, the most dangerous place in Middle-earth, without protection or proper supplies. That’s what a proper friend would do! They should be thanking you and showering you with tasty fish. Instead, they accuse you of being a sneak. Why the absolute nerve of that Samwise Gamgee!Okay, so maybe you WERE doing a bit of sneaking and maybe you have some a primal desire to steal the One Ring from Frodo. And maybe, just MAYBE you were planning on double-crossing them at some point, but it’s not like they had to go and call you out on it!Product DetailsIf you’re ready to make the journey to Mordor, or if you plan on doing a bit of sneaking, then it’s time for this Gollum Mask from The Hobbit. This officially licensed Lord of the Rings accessory is great for any Gollum cosplay. It’s molded to look just like the creepy character’s face from all of the movies. Just make sure you get better at sneaking, because you don’t want to get caught by Samwise again.