The Beast Green Drink Holder: Convenient Beverage Accessory

Smash and crash through your night with the The Beast Green Drink Holder. The perfect accessory to any Hulk costume. The plus side, it lets you keep your drink close at all times.


Handy Side EffectsWhen you decided to see what gamma rays were all about, you thought lessons learned from your favorite superhero would have prepared you for, and protected you from, any side effects. That’s, of course, not what happened. Luckily, the brunt of it affected just your hand. And honestly, a super strong hand is pretty great when you have to open stubborn pickle jars or sealed windows.Unfortunately, your hand also seems to be extra sensitive to temperatures now. And, you’re not always sure when you’re gripping something too tightly, which has resulted in quite a few messes.Product DetailsDon’t worry! You’re here, and The Beast Green Drink Holder is perfect for keeping you and your beverages comfortable. This large foam hand has a lot going for it. First, it is a perfect look alike to your gamma ray-created monster hand, so you can wear it on the opposite arm and finally have a matching set again. Next, its fist shape doubles as a cup holder, perfect for holding your favorite canned drinks. And, it’s temperature-proof! Or, at least it makes the hand wearing it immune to the cold of that tasty drink you’re enjoying.Super AccessoryWhether you’re dressing as that hulking green superhero you love so much or looking for a clever way to hold a beverage without much thought, this The Beast Green Drink Holder accessory is a must-have. Complete your costume and enjoy every party to its fullest with this super hand!