The Adult Realistic Heart Costume

Keep the blood pumping with this Adult Realistic Heart Costume. Be at the heart of the party with this costume.

Items Included
  • Hooded Tunic
  • 100% polyester fabric, 100% polyurethane foam
  • Foam-backed pullover tunic has face opening in front
  • Blood vessels can be stuffed with tissue if desired, for shape


Get PumpedEvery party is like a body and every participant is an important part. Of course, there is the brain of the whole operation, that’s the host. The wild dancer on the dance floor is like the digestive system, taking the beat coming from the speakers and turning it into pure energy. There’s the girl with her camera out at the most opportune moments, she’s the eyes. The wallflowers might think that they’re invisible but as they’re the only ones standing still, they’re actually the skin. The loud kid making jokes outside is the lungs and the tongue is the person who’s always bringing snacks or specialty drinks. Want to establish your importance at any get-together? There’s no organ that’s more important than the part that sets the beat for the whole event, the piece that keeps everyone pumped as long as they’re together. That’s right, you, friend, can become the heart!Costume DetailsYou know better than wearing that smooth, two lumped heart to a get-together. Not if you want to be a real heart! This tunic is a simple costume that can slip over your own clothing. This foam tunic has printed veins and a distinctive aorta at the top. Perfect for science fairs, Halloween parties, blood drives, and even Valentines Day, this costume is sure to cause lots of laughs!Out for BloodAre you pumped to own a costume that can be worn more than once? This costume can be delightful every time you wear it. And the best part, you can transform in an instant. One minute you’re clocking out at work in the next moment, you’ve slipped this tunic over you’re head and you’re ready to head to a costume party. And if you’re really pumped for your ensemble, bring a brain jello mold to the party. It’s about time the heart overcame the head, once and for all!