The Adult Infrared Rocket Costume

Check your vitals with the Adult Infrared Rocket Costume. Get ready to blast off with this sin suit costume.

Items Included
  • Morph Suit
  • 91% polyester | 9% elastane
  • See thru them
  • Drink thru them
  • Party in them!
  • Hand Wash cold ( Separately )
  • Line dry
  • Wig is synthetic hair on mesh cap
  • Zipper back
  • Hook and loop closure on head


Unidentified Flailing ObjectWhen we’re looking for costume inspiration, our team regularly goes to unexpected places to see what we might find. But, we never imagined that we’d spot a UFO while on the hunt! Naturally, our spotters were equipped with their thermal goggles. (You never know what spirits may be roaming the deserts, after all.) But, then we saw it. A massive red streak that seemed to split the sky. It practically blinded us when it drew our attention. Naturally, we had to discover what it was. That’s when our Close Encounter of the First and Second Kinds leaped to the Fifth! It turns out that our new alien friend was a being of energy. Quite an excitable little guy at that! It had come to our planet because of the delicious thermal energy we had all over the planet. Of course, no creature can really enjoy the delights of Earth without a body. So, it’s time to help this energetic alien out with good old-fashioned costume fun!Product DetailsTake off to your Halloween party in bright style with our alien friend’s Infrared Rocket costume. This is a skin-tight bodysuit that is printed to look like the heat signature of your every-day, red-blooded human. Something tells us that our alien buddy is a male, but we’re not 100% sure why. We suspect that you’ll figure that out, though. The suit zips up the back and includes hook and loop closures on the back. You’re certain to have a pretty fun (or at least funny) outing in this look. A Blood Rushing SightFolks might blush a bit or even avert their eyes when they see you in this Infrared Rocket costume. We’re pretty sure that’s just the natural effect of an alien encounter, though! All you’ll need to do is let them in on the secrets of the close encounters. (Or, you know, wear a pair of shorts to keep the mystery alive!)