The Adult Floppy Disk Costume

Get a blast from the past with the Adult Floppy Disk Costume. Save as much data as you need with the floppy disk costume.

Items Included
  • Tunic
  • 100% polyester
  • Tunic has floppy disk print
  • Arm holes on side
  • Back blue (no print)
  • One piece


Back in My day!Hey Grandpa, can you tell us about computers from your day?Of course, little Billy. I’ll tell you all about computers in my day. Why, you only used a computer to play solitaire or write book reports. All of our pictures had a resolution of 8×8… and it took 8 floppy disks to save a single book report. And we used Netscape Navigator to look at Geocities pages and that’s how we liked it!Wow, that’s really crazy Grandpa! It’s hard to believe that you lived like that.You bet it was! Now, where was I? And we used to have to ride a car made out of stones to get to work at the quarry! It was fifteen miles through the snow, uphill both ways. We used to use a woolly mammoth as a vacuum cleaner and I had a pet dinosaur.Yeah… that’s totally not true, Grandpa.I used to be neighbors with George Washington! He used to lend me his axe every other Sunday….Product DetailsAlright, so maybe it wasn’t THAT long ago that we were using floppy disks in computers, but it does sort of seem like the Stone Age compared to today. This Adult Floppy Disk Costume will bring you back to the good old days of 10MB storage. The costume comes with a simple foam tunic that has printed details on the exterior to make it look like a classic floppy disk. It has openings on the top and sides for your head and arms. You can slip it on over your normal clothes and head out to the costume party in an instant!Millennial Hardships… and let me tell you something else! We didn’t have no fancy emails! We had to travel across the country by hot air balloon if we wanted to send our friend a letter!Okay, okay! I get it Grandpa. Millennials had it rough.