Teen Titans Go Robin Sunglasses: Stylish Shades for Kids

Get Robin’s signature look from Teen Titans Go! when you wear these licensed Teen Titans Go! Robin Sunglasses.


Teen Titans, GO!When there’s trouble you know who to call. Teen Titans!From their tower, they can see it all. Teen Titans!When there’s evil on the attack,You can rest knowing they got your back‘Cause when the world needs heroes on patrol,Teen Titans GO!We know that tune is playing in your head after reading those lyrics. Come on, sing along! You know all the lyrics! Need a little help getting into character? Well then, how about this pair of officially licensed Teen Titans Robin sunglasses?Product DetailsThese sunglasses are molded to make you look just like the character from the hit cartoon series. They slip on like a normal pair of shades, except instead of boring tinted lenses in front it has white lenses shaped into the style of Robin’s mask. They probably won’t hide your identity very well (we’re not sure how Robin gets away with it in the show), but they will help protect your eyes from the sun as you fight evil!Watch Out For SladeWhether you’re headed out for a convention, or you just need a quick and easy costume based on the Teen Titans, these sunglasses should do the trick quite nicely! Just make sure to keep an eye out for Slade when you pop these glasses on your face!