Teen Titan Starfire Women’s Costume: Shine in Heroic Style

Become one of the original Teen Titans when you put on this Teen Titan Starfire Women’s Costume. Suit up and practice your best Starfire throwing stance!


She’s the BestStarfire is objectively the best member of the Teen Titans. Why? Good question. Let’s just run through all of the reasons that make her the number one Titan of them all.First of all, she has an extensive list of superpowers. She can fly at supersonic speeds, she can learn an entire language just by making physical contact with someone who knows the language, and she’s the strongest member of the team (despite what Cyborg might try to claim). She has a kind heart, even if most of her Tamaranian acts of kindness go unappreciated by the other Titans. She’s also obviously the most stylish out of the team—just look at her purple outfit compared to everyone else’s getup! Robin looks a little like a Chrismas Elf most of the time. Raven needs a lesson in color coordinating (you don’t have to wear black ALL the tie). And Beast Boy needs an update. He looks like he stepped out of the 1950s. Starfire’s sleek look is definitely much more modern.Product DetailsWell, now you can become the best, and best dressed, member of the time when you wear this women’s Teen Titan Starfire costume. The costume recreates the look from the cartoon series and comes with a top, a skirt, along with plenty of other accessories to complete the look. The top has a bright purple color and has her green necklace printed along the top. The skirt is a matching purple color. A pair of arm gauntlets, an armband, and boot covers round out the look and will have you ready to assume the role of Starfire!Join the TeamWhen you dress as Starfire, you’ll be ready to hit the Tower to hang out with the rest of the crew! Just remember that you need to fill Silkie’s food dish before you head out to fight against the forces of evil.