Techno Pet Costume Adult

Now you can be a virtual pet with this Adult Techno Pet Costume. This costume is pink and has that signature key chain game look.

Items Included
  • Tunic
  • 100% polyester fabric, 100% polyurethane foam
  • Tunic has hook & loop fastener at back of collar
  • Elastic back neckline
  • NOTE: model is wearing leggings that are not included with this costume


Lonnie’s LamentGosh! We’d almost forgotten about our digital pet! Do you have one too? Well, we named ours Lonnie and he was an adorable, pixellated little nugget (and a pit of a little poop factory). We took him to school every day, fed him on the bus, and we showed him off to anyone who would pay attention to us. At least… we did for about a month. Then, we got really into Magic Eye books. Poor Lonnie sat inside of a desk drawer next to a bajillion free AOL discs. Months passed before we got around to checking in on him. Unfortunately, well… let’s just say that Lonnie now resides in digital pet heaven.We like to think back on the good times we had with Lonnie! Recently we’ve had a strong desire to pay homage to the lovable little critter… and it just so happens that we found this Adult Techno Pet Costume. It’s the perfect outfit for anyone who’s ever wanted to give tribute to their digital pet of old days.Product CostumeThis Adult Techno Pet gives you everything you need to get in touch with that long lost pet you used to have! It comes with a one-piece style bodice simple top in a bright pink color. The middle has a green “screen” with pixellated images to recreate the look of a classic screen from a portable digital pet. It also has a choker with a chain that’s made to resemble a keychain. We recommend pairing this up with some leggings (silver leggings in image not included).Indulge in NostalgiaIf you had a digital pet when you were in middle school, then this Adult Techno Pet Costume ought to bring back some really great memories! Indulge in the nostalgia with this retro 90s costume.