Supergirl Jumpsuit Child Costume: Unleash Your Heroic Spirit

If your favorite girl doesn’t feel she needs a prince to rescue her, get her this Supergirl Jumpsuit Child Costume to let her imagination soar!


Super BeginningsWhat does it take to be a superhero, like Kara Zor-El, AKA Supergirl? Do you need to have every superpower under the yellow sun? Do you need to be from a planet from another galaxy? We don’t really think so! We think it’s more about what’s inside that makes Supergirl the hero we know and love. It’s her sense of right and wrong. It’s her ability to stay resilient, even when she’s up against the world’s most notorious supervillains. You don’t need Kryptonian superpowers for that!We think your child may just have what it takes to be just like Supergirl! If she already has moral fiber and determination, then all she needs is a sleek superhero outfit. This Kid’s Supergirl Jumpsuit Costume is officially licensed from the show and recreates the classic look, so your girl will feel ready to take on anything!Product DetailsThis Supergirl costume has the iconic look that’s inspired by the DC superhero. The costume comes with blue jumpsuit that has plenty of printed details on the exterior. It also features the large “S” shield on the chest to add that heroic appeal to it. The costume comes with red boot covers that fit over most shoes, so your child can wear her favorite pair of shoes with the outfit. The gold foam belt mimics the look from the television series. Every great hero needs a cape, and this costume comes with a brilliant red cape that attaches to the shoulders. Put it all together and you have a heroic look that requires no superpowers!New to the Superhero GameWhether your girl wants to cosplay like her favorite superhero, or if she’s trying to strike out on her own as the newest hero in Metropolis, this kid’s costume is an easy choice.