Sunny Days Costume

Make everyone’s day a little brighter when you show up in this Sunny Days Costume. Grab a pair of sunglasses and look super cool as the warm sun!

Items Included
  • Tunic
  • 100% polyester fabric, 100% polyurethane foam
  • Tunic has openings at neck, arms, waist
  • Sunny Days Costume
  • You’ll be the center of the solar system!


Well good day to you, sunshine!And we’re not just talking about your personality being bright and cheery (although that certainly helps). Something about you just seems to light up the room when you enter. You walk in the door and people relax. People smile. They look happy. And that’s really quite impressive because people around here have been total grumps lately. So you waltzing in and livening up the place? Awesome.Some of us think it may be your radiant smile. Others, your friendly face. The rest of us are convinced it has something to do with the gaseous ball of fire encompassing your body like a miniature sun. You literally warm up a room when you walk in it, and we very much appreciate that. We also appreciate that you know how to focus your rays so we aren’t burned to a crisp or blinded from looking at you. So thoughtful.We realize that being an actual star might take a bit of a toll on your health. So we’d like to offer you this Sunny Days Costume as an alternative, when you don’t quite feel up to the whole “sun” thing. Our outfit pulls on easily over head like a tunic. It’s shaped like a sun and it’s big and bright and yellow! A good alternative for mellow days, we think. You know. When you’re feeling a little burnt out?