Suitmeister The Joker Women’s Blazer: Express Your Unique Style

Riddle me this with the Suitmeister The Riddler Women’s Blazer. Don’t actually riddle me with anything, I’m not good with riddles in general.


No Guessing Who’s the CoolestPicture this: guests are arriving at a Halloween party, dressed in the usual getups. There are some sexy cats with tiny ear headbands and witches with fishnet tights. There’s that one guy who dresses as Harry Potter every year, without fail. These are great costumes, don’t get us wrong, but they’re the norm, right? And then YOU walk in. You look classy, creepy, and downright villainous in your Riddler Women’s Blazer from Suitmeister! Okay, maybe we’re getting carried away, but there’s something thrilling about dressing up as a criminal mastermind!Product DetailsThis Suitmeister blazer is 100% polyester and 200% mysterious. So many question marks! The bright green fabric is riddled with them, pun intended. Black question marks and lighter green ones dance around the suit in various sizes. The jacket looks great on its own—simply don a pair of black pants and black or green shoes in your preferred style. If you’d like to add some accessories, there are plenty on our website! Check out the flashy Riddler cane, or pick up a classic Riddler green derby hat. If you want some anonimity, a domino mask is never a bad idea. We also have male Riddler costumes if you and your fellow partygoer would like to match!Riddle Us ThisOkay, so we’re not the best at riddles. But here’s the question: why wouldn’t you buy this gorgeous, geeky, sinister and comic inspired blazer? If you’re looking for a versatile costume piece, this is the one. So write up some riddles (or Google them, no shame), stuff them in your pockets, and try them out on your friends. There’s always room for a riddle or two in a person’s day. Test out your puzzling skills, and you might learn something along the way!