Suitmeister The Joker Women’s Blazer: Flaunt Your Unique Style

Show your wild side with the Suitmeister The Joker Women’s Blazer. Just don’t do anything too drastically evil.


The Joke’s on ThemThe people of Gotham City don’t get it. They see The Joker as a joke. They see a guy, dressed up like a clown, parading across the city, trying to fight Batman at every turn. But that’s because The Joker is ahead of the game. He’s not after anything logical, like money or jewels. He just wants to watch the world burn. Well, we just want to watch the fashion world burn… metaphorically, of course. That’s why we think it’s a great idea to infuse a little bit of The Joker’s fashion into your everyday wear!Product DetailsThe Joker Women’s Blazer is a casual blazer that helps you look your most devious! The blazer comes from the folks from Suitmeister, the brand known for their wacky takes on casual and semi-formal suits. The suit comes in a deep purple color, complete with some playful pinstripes throughout the whole suit jacket. Wear it with a blouse and slacks to spice up your office wear, or use it to craft your own Joker cosplay outfit. However you decide to wear it, it’ll show the world that you’re ready to watch the world burn, just like the real Joker!