Suicide Squad Harley Quinn SWAT Mallet: Command Chaos in Style

Complete your Harley Quinn look with this Suicide Squad Harley Quinn SWAT mallet.


Harley Quinn’s always been known as a bit of a wild card. Sometimes she cooperates really well with others, while she can also turn on a dime to some random agenda. We guess that’s what you get for hanging around with the Joker for so long. She’s got her own personality aside from the clown prince of crime though. They just happen to be a similar kind of crazy. We’ve always been a little more partial to Harley’s jokes than her Puddin’s though. The Joker is always trying to try to teach us some sort of lesson on why we’re all crazy while Harley’s just out there to have a good time with everyone.She’s also got the way better arsenal of weapons. There’s that sweet gun, the baseball bat, and, of course, that signature mallet she always carries around. We kind of wish we could have seen it a little more in the movie, but maybe that’s for the next story. For now we can all perfect our costumes with this officially licensed replica.