Spiderman Far From Home Adult Gloves: Premium Costume

Taking down Mysterio? Then don’t forget these awesome Spider-Man Far From Home Adult Gloves. Officially licensed, and the perfect addition to your Spider-Man costume.


Gloves for SpidersYou’ve heard his theme song. Spider-Man can do whatever spider can. He can stick to walls, shoot webs, and swing around through New York City like it’s nothing! It’s pretty amazing, but did you know that he can do plenty of things that a spider can’t do? It’s true! He can eat pizza. Spiders can’t eat pizza. They can mostly only eat bugs and if we were a spider, we’d be pretty bummed about it. Spider-Man can also wear gloves. Spiders have spindly legs, and they can’t wear gloves. Can you even imagine what a pair of gloves for a spider would look like?Now that we’ve put the strange image of gloves for spiders in your head, it’s time to look at some rad gloves you can add to your Spider-Man Far From Home costume!Product DetailsThese officially licensed Spider-Man Far From Home Gloves are designed to look like the ones worn by Peter Parker in the Marvel movie. It has printed webs, and a faux web-shooter button on the palm. Just slip them on with your Spider-Man outfit to complete your look. You’ll be ready to do anything that a spider can… and more (like wearing gloves).