Silver Close Encounter Rainbow Tint Glasses

Out of this world sleek and shiny, have your very own intergalactic experience with our Silver Close Encounter Rainbow Glasses. These will make the perfect addition to your Alien costumes or just to wear for FUN!

Items Included
  • Glasses
  • Plastic sunglasses
  • Multi colored lenses
  • One size fits most


Somewhere Out ThereDo you believe in aliens? Have you ever seen a UFO? Sure, some Unidentifed Flying Objects are man-made, but there are some cases that just seem…otherworldly. There are no explanations that really fit the senario, except for the theory of extraterrestrial forces or beings. For some people, these theories are exciting, while others might scoff or even fear the implications. Whether you believe in aliens or not, pop culture is full of funny, scary, and fascinating alien stories. If you’ve seen Steven Spielberg’s 1977 alien film, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, then these Close Encounter Glasses Silver/Rainbow might look familiar to you!Product DetailsThese lenses are out of this world! The glasses are framed in a silvery plastic, while the lenses are a multicolored chrome. Aside from the crazy coloring of the lenses, the other thing that stands out is their size and shape. These large lenses are shaped like ovals and dramatically slanted. Whether you’re going for a casual alien look or going all out with a morph suit and body paint, these glasses will add that perfect alien touch. If you do meet any aliens, say that we come in peace!