Shazam Deluxe Child Freddy Costume: Embrace Your Heroic Friend

So, your friend turned in to a super strong superhero overnight? Well, you need a cool super suit to match! Get this Shazam! Deluxe Child Freddy Costume and turn your child in to Shazam’s sidekick.


Share the PowerThe wisdom of Solomon. The strength of Hercules. The stamina of Atlas. The Power of Zeus. The courage of Achilles. The speed of Mercury. Those are the powers of Shazam… but there’s one more amazing ability! Yep, he’s got once more super ability that’s not accounted for in his name. He can share his amazing ability with friends and family who have the same noble intentions as him. We’re guessing they left that one out of his name because there really isn’t a good god for sharing in the Greek pantheon of gods. In fact, the climax of the DC film includes Shazam sharing his power with his family, including Freddy!Now, your child can share in Shazam’s quest for justice when they wear this Shazam! Deluxe Child Freddy Costume. It’s based on his transformation in the movie.Product DetailsThis officially licensed costume recreates the look from the movie. It comes with a blue jumpsuit that has plenty of muscle padding in the chest and arms to help give your child a buff look to fight off the bad guys. The suit has plenty of printed details, including a lightning bolt symbol on the chest. It also features gold-colored gauntlets around the wrists and a matching foam belt secures around the waist with a hook and loop fastener. Finally, the costume comes with a white cape that has gold accents around the edges. It attaches to the back of the suit at the shoulders. Put it all together and you have a look that’s fierce enough to take on any supervillain!From Fan to SuperheroIf your child is ready to share in a superhero role, then this officially licensed Shazam costume is a great option. It’s great for any fan of the DC superhero movie.