Ruffle Wrist Cuffs

Outfits don’t just end with clothing. A true outfit also includes a fabulous accessory (or two). Just ask clowns. They always have a few unexpected items on them like these Ruffle Wrist Cuffs.

Items Included
  • Ruffle Wrist Cuffs
  • Elastic wrist band
  • Ruffled fabric


Think of something. Anything. Got it? OK, now whatever that thing is, imagine it with ruffles. Didn’t it just get better? It did, because that’s how ruffles work. Consider the potato chip, for instance. Pretty good, right? But now take that potato chip, and add ruffles. See? That makes it even better. The list of things that are infinitely improved by adding ruffles is so long that we don’t even have to give you more than one example from it.Any self-respecting clown, Renaissance character, or burlesque dancer worth their salt wouldn’t be caught dead leaving the house without a set of high quality Ruffle Wrist Cuffs. If you do go without them, you reckless thing, then don’t come crying to us when your wrists get cold or you aren’t deemed fancy enough to get into the city’s hottest nightclubs. (We once heard that all very bad people have only one thing in common: they have no ruffles.)