Roleplay Set Shazam: Embrace Heroic Adventures

Become Shazam with our Shazam Roleplay Set. This light-up, sound activated chest plate will transform you into a superhero.


Living the DreamIt’s every kid’s dream, really. Just say a simple word and BOOM… you’re a superhero like Shazam. Just think of all of the things a kid could do with superpowers like that. You could fly to school in the morning instead of taking the bus. You could stand up to any meanies in class. You could even use your new powers to join the Justice League. Unfortunately for most kids, an ancient wizard won’t be granting them superpowers anytime soon, but that never stops a kid from dreaming! The good news is that you can still indulge their imagination with this Shazam Roleplay Set, which is based on the character from the DC Movie.Product DetailsThe accessory kit comes with everything your child needs to feel like a hero! The chest plate is shaped like Shazam’s buff chest and has a lightning bolt emblem on the front. The straps are adjustable, so one size fits most kids. The lightning bolt emblem on the front doubles as a button. When pressed, it lights up and makes sounds. Just strap it on over a red shirt and your child will be ready to do battle with any baddie!Ready for the LeagueWhether your child is gearing up for a costume party or they just want new option for dress up, this superhero-themed chest piece will make your child feel ready to join the Justice League.