Red Clown Wig With Bald Spot

Complete your classic or scary clown look with this Red Clown Wig With Bald Spot. This wig features red synthetic hair on a mesh cap with an elastic edge and a white fabric ‘bald spot’ on top.

Items Included
  • Wig
  • 100% polyester synthetic hair on mesh cap w/ elastic edge
  • White fabric “bald spot” on top


Stare into this clown’s eyes. You’ll easily be able to tell that Dongle the Clown has been in some dicey situations. From nearly getting stepped on by Penny the Pachyderm to getting knocked unconscious from his own juggling pin, being a member of the circus is not all giggles and sunshine; it’s actually really stressful! It can be so stressful at times that Dongle literally pulls his hair out, which is why he has a humongous bald spot in the middle of his head. If he’s not pulling his frizzy red hair out, then it’s falling out on its own due to his nerve-racking career!If you want to look like a seasoned, yet stressed out, working clown like Dongle here, then this wig is the accessory that you need. The synthetic hair sticks out on the sides, revealing a pretty serious bald spot. Be proud of your large bald spot cause not everyone has what it takes to make it in the clown bizz!