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Don’t let your bubble machine go dry, get this Quart of Bubble Liquid and you will have bubbles for daysss!


NO MORE BUBBLE TROUBLEThe trouble with blowing bubbles is the soap can run out pretty quickly because time (and bubble liquid) flies when you’re having fun. One minute it seems as though you have a whole tray filled with the magical liquid but it tends to get used fast. Bubble after bubble, the soap drains and so does the fun. Now there’s a way to stretch the excitement out for a longer period of time. Pick up the quart of bubble liquid and you’ll be chasing after bubbles for a while. You can either use it to fill up a bubble machine, dip your dropper in, or disperse it in a pan or tray container. It’s great for parties and all the children (and adults) who love blowing bubbles during the summer.PRODUCT DETAILSInside this purple bottle is one quart of bubble liquid which is enough to entertain a whole party. Fill it inside a bubble machine (also sold on our site) and let the party get underway. Kids will love chasing these bubbles around. The quality liquid creates tons of iridescent bubbles that will float up to the sky— mesmerizing!BUBBLES MAKE EVERYTHING BETTERUse this liquid and your bubble machine to make any Halloween decor scene come to life. Add it to a mad scientist/laboratory scene!