Pokemon Psyduck Child’s Kigurumi

Lookout Fire Type Pokemon! The Pokemon Psyduck Child’s Kigurumi will blow you away! This onesie will quickly become your child’s favorite thing to wear!


Quack AttackShh! Do you see what we see behind that bush? Creep up ever so carefully and throw your Pokeball. Gotcha! Soft yellow feathers, wide, flat bill, webbed feet, sweetly confused expression…you’ve caught yourself a Psyduck!While Misty might argue that the Psyduck is less than ideal as a fighter, we’re sure she’d agree that it is still adorable! Its cute yet occasionally destructive nature makes it a perfect choice for your child’s costume, since we bet that she also fits those descriptions from time to time. As a bonus for you, the Psyduck’s bright color makes it easy to spot your little one in a crowd before she unleashes a wave of psychic force. You’re in charge of explaining to her why convincing the ice cream man to give her all of the sundae cones is potentially a misuse of cuteness power.Product DetailsThis soft, cuddly Pokemon Psyduck Adult Plus Kigurumi will transform your little one into the cutest of critters! The cheery yellow onesie-style suit buttons up the front so your child can slip it on over her regular clothes. The attached hood has the Psyduck’s signature tufts of black hair and is embroidered with a sweetly silly facial expression that is certain to please. Rib knit wrist and ankle cuffs keep out the drafts, because a Psyduck should be warm and cozy while unleashing its mental powers. The costume is made of 100 percent polyester fleece fabric, a very close imitation of a Psyduck’s real fluff! Once your kid puts it on, she may never want to take it off.The Most Psydorable OutfitYour child will be thrilled to wear this cuddly replica of an all-time favorite Pokemon! Better watch out, though – she’ll be so cute, she might not even need to use psychic powers to bamboozle you into getting another piece of candy.