Plush Bulldog Mascot Costume

Growl for your team when you’re dressed in this Plush Bulldog Mascot Costume! This is the perfect way to cheer on your school team!

Items Included
  • Bodysuit
  • Mask
  • Booties
  • 100% polyester faux fur
  • Brown and white faux fur jumpsuit has back zipper, short tail on back
  • Oversized paw mittens w/ opening for hands at wrists
  • Oversized bulldog mask has soft-sculpted ears, muzzle & tongue
  • Mesh covering over the eyes and mouth
  • Fur booties have black felt sole, elastic top edge
  • Great for people who are stubborn as a bulldog!


As an adult do you conduct embarrassingly long conversations with a canine that, despite your high hopes, cannot understand you? Remember as a child when you would bother your little pooch with embarrassingly bad impersonations (im-dog-ations), just hoping to relate and kick it with your little doggo? Whether it was a product of your young imagination or of your stressed-out adult brain yearning for escape, we all, from time to time, have at least wondered what it would be like to be a carefree, domesticated animal in this human-dominated world.And why wouldn’t we? We live in a world that demands connection to and interaction with all the world’s happenings—smartphones, Reddit, 24/7 news channels, video game speed runs, you name it—and the prospect of disconnecting appeals to our over-stimulated minds. How better to disconnect from our dog-eat-dog world and reacquaint oneself with our more base instincts than to just be a dog?Don’t abandon your friends, family, and clothes for a rabid pack of wild pooches in the woods. Please, just don’t. We can’t think of anything more effective than simply suiting up. Our Plush Bulldog Mascot Costume will let you do just that, with fur booties, paw mittens with openings at the wrists, and a mesh covering over the eyes and mouth for when you’ve been away from your water dish too long. It’s a proven fact that suiting up in this costume makes politics, taxes, paperwork, and chores disappear (mentally if not physically). Ignore the stares at the dog park and let loose, pooch!