Plus Size Sexy Pinata Costume

Bring out your best costume and make sure you have candy when you put on this sexy Pinata costume. Kids will be trying to take swings at you to see what your filled with so make sure to have your A game on.


What’s Inside that CountsSometimes a beautiful outside hides a terrible inside. Take jungle creatures, for instance! The brightest most brilliant frogs are hiding a poisonous interior. Good for them, their color lets the many predators in the forest know that they aren’t good to eat. Then there are those dull colored plants that are actually truly delicious. Think about the morel mushroom. It looks like a basic, bumpy lump on the forest floor but when you harvest it and fry it up in butter it’s one of the most delicious slices of nature that you’ll ever eat. This general rule of colors changes completely when you’re talking about man-made wonders such as… the Pinata!Details & DesignIf you feel like a party on the inside, you need to let that party shine with a costume that’s just as funky and fun as you are! This Made by Us look will stun party-goers and stir you into action. Our in house designers put together this dress that has tiers of multi-colored knit fringe and a ribbon tail that’ll make dancing more fun than ever. The look also comes with bright tasseled boot tops and is topped off with a hilarious horned headband!Calling out for CandyAre you ready to head out wearing your celebratory spirit on your sleeve? This is the way to go! Here’s a warning though, people might want you to take over the party. We’re sure you’re up for it! Plug in your phone to the sound system and the dance floor will be full in an instant. And hey, we get if you want to bring along a big bag of candy. Throw those sweets at people who seem to be hungry before they go hunting for a stick and a blindfold. Because true party professionals know to be prepared for anything!