Plus Size Pope Costume

Preach the good news to your faithful followers in this Plus Size Pope Costume. Your words of enlightenment and compassion will be well received.


Just how often do you think that Catholic church really needs to deal with demonic infestations? We never actually hear about any real exorcisms despite the fact that they’re certainly a part of our history and popular culture. Does that mean that they’re not taking place at all and exist exclusively in a realm of fantasy? Or does that mean that they’re happening but that the leaders of the priests are so skillful that they’ve kept the dangerous truths from afflicting the rest of us lowly followers? It’s an important thing to consider given how often we see people changing stories in the modern media. Have they been released from a recent possession… or did they just get possessed!?Ultimately, the answers to these important questions lay in the hands of the powerful ministers at the Vatican and it is unlikely that they’re going to speak the grand truths to just anyone. In fact, it’s even likely that the higher ups don’t know all the secrets. Except for that rumored box! The box of the Pope, believed to hold all the great mysteries and secretly given to the newly elected leader of the Catholic church and hidden in the Room of Tears, might be the closest thing to hold all the answers. If only…… If only someone like you could get your hands on the greatest treasures in history by being named the newest Pope! We’ve sent word to the Vatican, asking about the chances of this happening and, so far, they haven’t had too many conclusive words… at least that we’ve listened to. So, in the mean time, you can get as close as we can get you with this Plus Size Pope costume. The full length white interlock robe fastens with Hook and Loop fastener and the bright red tricot cloak features a white collar and gold brocade to announce your prominent station. No Pope regalia can be complete without the iconic white hat with gold design, comfortably fitted with elastic. Add optional scepters and cross medallions to secure your look and you’ll be holding those mysterious secrets in no time!