Plus Size Deluxe Lion Costume

You’ll be king when you wear this Plus Size Deluxe Lion Costume! Sleep all day and party all night just as lion does. Available in 2X, 3X, 4X and 5X.


Pride and ConfidenceWe can admit it. Sometimes, we just need a little boost in confidence. There are just so many frightening things in the world (especially on Halloween night), that we often find it hard to be brave. But, we came up with a sure-fire method to help us feel confident and courageous, and it involves a little inspiration from the animal kingdom’s mighty king!That’s right, we’re talking about the ferocious lion! Those giant cats almost never seem to be scared, even when there are tons of other critters on the prowl. And they always patrol their pride with such gusto! So, we did what any reasonable person would do to feel more confident… we asked our team of costume designers to make us like the king of the savannah!Design & DetailsThis Plus Size Deluxe Lion Costume is a Made by Us costume created to make you feel, and look, like a lion! The costume starts with a soft, fleece jumpsuit that fits with a zipper along the back. The jumpsuit is a tawny color and it even features a faux fur collar and attached mitts. The attached tail dangles down in the back and even has a tuft of brown fur at the end. The shoe covers fit over most pairs of shoes, so you can wear your most comfortable pair of kicks as you live like a lion! To finish off the whole look, the costume comes with a faux fur hood that has a shaggy lion’s mane around it. Just fasten it in back, and you’ll be ready to feel like a lion!The Sleeping LionOf course, this costume might look ferocious, but it’s also quite comfortable! The soft fleece design makes it a great choice for anyone trying to keep cozy at their next costume party. It might even be comfortable enough for a quick catnap!