Plus Red Gloves

What’s more glamorous and fabulous than our Plus Size Red Gloves? Not much, because they’re pretty fab! Just like they wore in the golden age of Hollywood.


Once upon a time there was a girl who desired to be a movie star. She was talented and beautiful, but she just didn’t like her hands. So one day she went shopping for some way to cover up what she considered to be unsightly hands. She went to every store she could think of, and just couldn’t find what she wanted. Then she decided to shop online. She was in luck! Her search was over when she found the Plus Red Gloves. The beautiful pair of satin red gloves can be paired nicely with any outfit. Add an extra bit of glamour to your next Halloween costume. Or, rock this beautiful satin red gloves with an evening gown. The elbow length is perfect to layer diamonds or pearls over.