Pizza Mask

Pepperoni Pizza coming right up! Display your favorite tasty treat for all to see in this Pizza Mask. Donned on top of your head for all to see.


Dreaming of PizzaWell, it turns out that mom was wrong. She used to tell us the same thing, over and over again. “You are what you eat,” she’d say. That got us thinking, if we eat enough pizza, maybe we’d turn into some kind of half-pizza, half-human mutant. Perhaps we’d even transform into a pizza-based superhero. So, we started eating insane amounts of pepperoni pizza. We’re talking breakfast, lunch, and dinner… and even midnight snacks! Sadly, all of this pizza-eating activity did not help our dream come true! We had to take extra steps to achieve our end goal of being a half-pizza, half-human mutant. That’s why we got this Pizza Mask Accessory.Listen, we’re not going to judge you for your reasoning for wanting this Pizza Mask. Ours is certainly pretty crazy! If you want to look a little more pizza-like, that’s your business! Just know that this mask is exactly what you need.Product DetailsThis pizza slice mask is shaped like a triangular slice of pizza. It has a generous opening in the front for your face and it even has realistic, printed details to make it look like a slice of pizza, fresh out of the oven.