Pink Superhero Child’s Cape: Ignite Imaginations with Style

Strap on this Child’s Pink Superhero Cape and up, up, and away you go! This cape is also available in adult sizes.


We need a hero!There are some days when all of us need a hero. You know the days. It starts out rough. You’ve run out of coffee, the cat puked on the floor, your last clean pair of work pants has a split down the seam. It seems like nothing could help. Then, miraculously, your kid wakes up without complaint. No trying to fall back asleep. No whining about what’s for breakfast. They let you listen to your own music on the way to school. They might even sing along with your favorite song. Not all heroes wear capes, but sometimes your little hero deserves one!Product DetailsThis cheerful pink cape is a staple for any child’s playtime costume collection! Transformation into a hero is easy, the cape simply ties at the neck and your child is ready to save the day. Saving for a Rainy DayYou never know when the call will come for your super child to save the day. Maybe they’ll want the cape for a superhero skit at school. Maybe they’ll feel heroic after they help you shovel the sidewalk. Or maybe there will literally be a rainy day when playtime calls for extra imagination stimulation. No matter what calls your little hero to take action, this cape will be at the ready!