Pink Baby Rattle

Make your adult baby costume even cuter when you add this Pink Baby Rattle.

Items Included
  • Rattle
  • Pink Baby Rattle
  • Plastic globe is 5″ diameter
  • Handle is 8″ long


Let the baby have its bottle! We don’t know about you but we love hearing that phrase because it means we are going to get what we want! And do you know what we want? We want to shake a rattle! We want to put our cell phones down for a change and pick up a plastic noisemaker made for infants and thrash it around for a little bit. You know why? It seems like a lot of fun and of course, we love FUN! Luckily, this pink baby rattle came into the office and all of our dreams came true. We picked it up and heard the satisfying high-pitch noise that soothes babies and now we’re addicted for life. We don’t go anywhere without our rattle. We strongly suggest that you own a little plastic noisemaker too and give it a satisfying shake from time to time! It feels great, trust us!