Pet Hula Girl Costume

Have your favorite pet luau ready in this multicolored Hula Girl Pet Costume. With a brown coconut bra, green palm tree skirt, and a flower lei, your pet will be all set to show off their hula moves. Aloha!


move to the beatThere’s nothing like a skirt made of flora that inspires a graceful sense of rhythm. While we all don’t have access to dancing on the beach under the Hawaiian stars, we all have a little hula inside of us somewhere. All we need to let it loose is the right outfit and a playlist with of top-fifty Ukelele hits. Once you’ve got that covered you’ll be ready to take on any luau whether it’s the middle of winter or you’re enjoying your very own piece of tropical paradise.product detailsDid we mention you can instill the same tropical influence in your furry friends? That’s right: with this Hula Girl Pet Costume — a big hula skirt with big faux leaves, a faux flower lei, and a velour covered foam coconut bra — everyone in the house can channel their most tropical vibes to whatever costumed occasion you have coming up.a few new tricksWhile we here at are confident in our costume making and delivering abilities, we can’t say we’re experts in the fine art of teaching dogs and cats how to hula. For that, you’ll have to seek out an expert from the fringes of the internet or work hard at teaching them some new tricks yourself!