Nordic God Hammer: Legendary Mythical Weapon

The Nordic God Hammer brings ultimate destruction wherever it goes. This hammer is 20″ long with a blade that measures 7.5″ W x 5″ H.


Nailed ItLooking to channel your inner Norwegian god? We get it. Especially when it comes to Thor. He’s brawny. He defends the fortress of the Gods from actual giants. And just look at his weapon of choice. It’s a hammer! Come on. It takes some serious arm potatoes to swing this side-arm. Now there are a few aspects of Thor’s life that you can bring into your everyday life. Consider transporting yourself around in a cart pulled by two goats named Teeth Barer and Teeth Grinder. Also, consider making feasting a regular part of your life. Although we think an insatiable appetite was probably more impressive before the era of all you can eat buffets. Want to keep your representation of your inner Viking god simple instead of training two giant goats? Start off with this Nordic god hammer to set yourself on the right track!Product DetailsThis ax, molded to look like weathered wood and ancient metal, is the perfect accessory for your Viking costume. The handle is twenty-inches long. It’s designed to look like it’s been wrapped in leather bands for grip and comfort on the battlefield. Check out our Viking costumes to make sure your ancient god identity comes to life just right!