Necklace and Earring Captain Marvel Gift Set: Heroic Accessories

Give your Captain Marvel costume the finishing touches it deserves with this Captain Marvel Necklace/Earring Set!


SHE’S GOT THISIt’s official. Captain Marvel can handle any kind of situation. Got some problems with sneaky Skrulls? Yeah, she can stop them, no problem. Thanos really got you down? She can blast that baddie into oblivion with her powerful photon blasts! Need a skilled pilot? Well, you’re in luck, because your girl, Carol Danvers, happens to be an ace pilot!But, what if you have a more subtle problem? What if you just need a heroic way to finish your outfit? Well, she can help out with that problem! This Captain Marvel Necklace and Earring set helps you add a dash of hero style to any outfit!PRODUCT DETAILSThis necklace and earring gift set is officially licensed from the Captain Marvel movie. It perfectly converts the symbol on her costume into a jewelry set that can make any outfit feel heroic! The necklace and earrings both feature the star on the front, along with the navy and red colors of her supersuit.CAPTAIN COSPLAYThis jewelry set can be worn with everyday attire, or you can use them to take your Captain Marvel costume to the next level! Just add these to your costume to show the world that you’re dedicated to your cosplay experience.