Minion Kids Oversize Hooded Jumpsuit

Grab some bananas and plot your next big plan in this Kids Minion Oversize Hooded Jumpsuit. Modeled after the minions iconic denim overalls, with hoodie featuring minion eyes for a comfy fun Halloween.


New Career in EvilDoes your little one have a bit of an evil streak? Do they want to start crafting some crazy contraptions that will defeat superheroes and secret agents alike? Are they not quite ready to be a supervillain yet? Well, then maybe they’d be a perfect fit for the Minion role! Yes, that’s right. Your child might be ready to enter into the career of henchman work for the notorious Gru when they become one of the many Minions working in his lab. Of course, your little one will need a uniform to fit in with the rest of the little yellow fellas (yellow is pretty much a requirement for working under Gru). That’s exactly what this Minions Oversized Kids Hooded Jumpsuit is all about! It’s officially licensed from the Illumination Entertainment movie series!Product DetailsThis kid-sized Minions jumpsuit is a comfy costume suit that recreates the look of a Minion from the Despicable Me films. The legs and front are light blue, in the style of Minion overalls and the sleeves are a mellow yellow color. The suit fits with a zip-style front and elastic in the wrists and ankles to help provide a cozy fit. Of course, the best part about this jumpsuit has to be the hood! The hood is shaped like a Minion’s face and it even has a pair of fake goggles designed into the top. Just put the hood up and your child will instantly transform into their favorite Minion!The Suit for SchemingIf your child wants to become the greatest henchman that Gru has ever seen, then it all starts with this Minions jumpsuit costume. With a cozy fit and authentic details from the movie, your little one will be hatching a devious scheme in no time at all!