Mens Robin Arkham Origins Costume: Join the Dynamic Duo

Robin’s never looked badder than with this Robin Arkham Origins Costume. Take the world by storm, we know Batman will appreciate it!


If you want to be Batman’s sidekick, Robin, you are going to have to prove to the Dark Knight that you are more than just a great fighter and a fiercely loyal friend–you will also need to show him that you are cunning, determined, and have a really, really cool costume.Tim Drake understood this. That’s why he figured out Batman’s true identity long before anyone else and used it to earn himself a place on the dream team. Lucky for you, it won’t take quite so much detective work (nor intense martial arts training) to join the crew this Halloween. Nope, thanks to us (ahem) you will just need this Men’s Robin Arkham Origins Costume and a whole lot of courage, instead! Robin has never looked more fierce or more capable–and along those lines, neither have you–of kicking bad guy butt all on his own!Of course, you prefer to team up with your hero, Batman, but he’s a little…uh…tied up, sometimes. So hop into this jumpsuit and its foam muscle chest and go be the hero for a while. After all, you have your own hooded cape, molded belt, and eye mask, so what else do you really need? A personal invitation from the Joker, himself, to come out a get him? Of course you don’t! You know if you and Batman show up at a party together, the troublemakers will find you…and you’ll be ready for them!