Mens Harvey Dent Two-Face Suit: Gotham’s Dual Persona Attire

Look good at the costume party with this Men’s Harvey Dent Two-Face Suit. Just try not to be too evil!


A True Duo DisguiseThere are a few comic book characters who have flipped the story from good to bad or visa-versa. Some of them manage to play both at the same time, in fact. (We’re looking at you, Catwoman!) But, none have quite the intense origin as a certain Mr. Harvey Dent. How many good-hearted district attorneys can people say that they’ve encountered, especially in a city known for being the center of creepy villains and lunatic killers!? But, good old Harvey had it all in the right place. Solid heart. Winning smile. Clear visions. And, he certainly had a nice lucky streak going for him, too! He might have been able to help turn Gotham around if not for the introduction of a bunch of acid into his face! Let’s face it: not many of us would handle half our head being deformed. But, in Gotham? That’s a certain ticket to looney town, for sure! Now Batman’s best buddy has become a mastermind of doom!Design & DetailsIt’s time to bring one of the most iconic characters of DC history to life with this Harvey Dent—Two-Face costume. This is a fully lined suit that was put together by our team of in-house designers. One side of this officially licensed suit looks like you’re ready for a day of law-abiding behavior. The other reveals that you’ve definitely got a sinister side and it all depends on the flip of a coin! Include a tie for that professional look and make sure your face paint game is on for that good/ghastly Gotham grace. Flip The CoinOnce you are geared up in this Gotham Madman suit, you’ll be the toast of the town. You know, provided that the coin doesn’t come up tails and it turns into everyone else’s unlucky day!