Marvel Spider-Man Lanyard: Show Your Spidey Style

Show off your Spider-Man love to all with this Marvel Spider-Man Lanyard. Included with it is a ID Badge holder and logo charm. Perfect for holding IDs, keys, passes, membership cards, etc.


Plain Mary Jane?Never call Mary Jane Watson, a Plain Jane. Why? It’s simply not true—just look at her impressive history. She’s been a model, an actress, the owner of a successful nightclub and Tony Stark’s executive assistant. She stood beside Spider-Man through thick and thin, and she even wore the Iron Spider suit to fight off villains in more recent comic book stories.She gets it. No one leads an excitement-filled life like that being just a Plain Jane, so why should you? It’s time to take a note from Mary Jane’s book. It’s time to add a little flair to the way you carry around your keys and ID cards. It’s time for a little bit of Spider-Man in your life.Fun DetailsSure, you could wear a Plain Jane kind of lanyard to carry your keys and ID card, but there’s no need for it now that this Spider-Man lanyard exists. It has plenty of Spidey graphics all over it and it comes with a Spider-Man charm attached to the bottom of it. You can place your work or school ID inside of it to shake from the shackles of being just a Plain Jane kind of person. Now, go get ’em, tiger!