Marvel Legends Ant-Man Helmet Prop Replica: Heroic Headgear

Know someone who loves Ant Man? Know someone who loves Marvel? Then you probably know someone who will love the Marvel Legends Ant-Man Helmet Prop Replica.


Following in the FootstepsWe all want to be like our heroes. After all this time, he’s still out there, fighting the good fight and making sure that all is right with the world. He might not have any superpowers on his own, but that never stops him! After all this time, he still just looks as youthful as even and he still has that fighting spirit inside! Gosh, if only we could be more like Paul Rudd…Oh, you thought we were talking about Ant-Man, huh? Yeah, he’s pretty awesome (especially because Paul Rudd does such a charming job of playing the character in the MCU). If you’re a fan of Ant-Man, or Mr. Rudd, then you’re going to want this Marvel Legends Ant-Man Helmet Prop Replica in your collection.Product DetailsThis Ant-Man helmet is officially licensed from the Marvel movies and has some really rad features. The eye holes have a red visor covered to recreate the look from the movie and the front has molded details to give it an amazing look! It mask has LED lights that can be activated by the simple press of a button. The helmet fits with adjustable bands on the interior, so one-size-fits-most. It does require 3 AA batteries to operate the light-up features, so make sure to have a few handy to make full use of this collectible helmet!Never Ages in Your Collection!Whether you’re trying to cosplay as your favorite actor who never seems to age, or you’re just trying to become the newest member of the Avengers, this helmet is a great addition to your collection.