Marvel Child’s Infinity War Deluxe Hulk Costume: Unleash the Beast

Get this Marvel Child’s Infinity War Deluxe Hulk Costume and the mean, green superhero will come to life!


Why is Hulk So Mad?Hulk is one mad dude. He almost never smiles and he spends most of his time smashing. We wonder why he’s always such a grump. Maybe it’s because someone stole his favorite toy. Maybe he went to see a movie and someone was talking on their phone the whole time. Maybe the Wi-Fi was being slow… again. Well, we might not be sure why The Hulk is really p.o.’d, but we know that your little one will probably be pretty p.o.’d if he doesn’t get his chance to become the strongest Avenger around!Of course, the easiest way to turn your child into the gamma green smashing machine is to get him outfitted in a cool costume licensed from Marvel. We just happened to have this deluxe Hulk costume, which comes straight from Avengers: Infinity War.Product DetailsThis costume comes with everything your child needs to become The Hulk. The jumpsuit has a green exterior and it even has muscle padding in the chest and arms to help your child look like one buff superhero. The bottoms are designed to look like a pair of ripped jeans (we hear that those are all the rage these days). Some green foot covers are attached to the pant legs and fit conveniently over your child’s shoes. And don’t forget about that mask! The costume comes with a molded green mask that has Hulk’s angry-looking face on the front. It fits with an elastic band in back, so your child can quickly slip it on when it’s time to get smashing!Join the FightWhen your child slips into this Infinity War Hulk costume, he’ll be ready to join the fight against Thanos… or maybe he’ll just find a way to vent some of his frustration with your WI-Fi. Either way, he’ll be able to channel his anger like a real superhero!