Marvel Adult Premium Doctor Strange Costume: Mystical Mastery

Guard the time stone in this epic Marvel Adult Premium Doctor Strange Costume. The sheer powers of the Eye of Agamotto are bound to flow through you in this one.


Supreme Sorcery What is the most powerful kind of magic? It’s something that we’re constantly curious about. There are a host of different kinds of spellcasters. Youngster witches and warlocks, slinging spells from wands. There are the mysterious old hags that dwell in the dark woods, stirring cauldrons filled with who knows what!? And, of course, there are the wisened wizards of the grey and white orders that seem to gain their power by being evasive and aloof. But, of all the masters of magic out there, only one has truly risen to superhero status… and all in a rather short time! Of course, we’re talking about Doctor Stephen Vincent Strange. He was already brilliant, holding a Ph.D. and a medical degree, the ultimate surgeon. But with a few careful lessons from the seemingly immortal Sorcerer Supreme (and the mastery of the Eye of Agamotto), Strange is ready to take over the New York Sanctum and save the world! Product DetailsIf you think that you’ve got what is required to stake a claim on the infinite powers of arcane magic, then we’re happy to offer you this Marvel Premium Doctor Strange costume. This elaborate costume is a complete ensemble designed to make you look like you opened a portal and stepped right out of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. (And, stepping into the role of Benedict Cumberbatch isn’t the worst thing in the world!) The trousers, shirt, and robe are multiple shades of blue and the sash has the look of multiple belts woven together. While the Cloak of Levitation won’t help you fly, it will make you feel like you are soaring thanks to the width! Harness the power of the Eye of Agamotto amulet, too, because this will be the “time” of your life! A Wiz at WitchcraftWhile everyone else is practicing their magical arts with the help of black cats and cauldrons, you can lead the mystic way as the Sorcerer Supreme. Flare your Cloak of Levitation and focus your arcane energy as Doctor Strange. (Just watch where you’re throwing those portals!)