Lego Movie 2 Toddler Emmet Basic Costume

Your child will love becoming their favorite LEGO character when you put them in this Lego Movie 2 Toddler Emmet Basic Costume. It features Emmet in his construction worker outfit.


Minifig DreamsChances are if your little one is a fan of Lego Movie 2, you’ve had the pleasure of catching every joke and getting all the dreadfully catchy songs stuck inside your head. Oh yeah, we said it like that on purpose, and don’t worry the song is now stuck in our heads too, but you’ll thank us later. It’s inevitable that you’ll sit down watch the movie to clear your mind and that means you’ll get to spend an evening laughing with your happy toddler.This year your kiddo is old enough to tell you how they want to dress for Halloween and, though it wasn’t a surprise, the first name that came out of their mouth was Emmet. Since you’re also a fan of the Lego Movies you started coming up with different ways to get your kiddo into their dream costume right away, but you quickly found out that you do not have Master Builder skills so we’re here to help.Product DetailsWith this Lego Movie 2 Emmet Toddler Basic Costume everything is awesome again—sorry, we couldn’t resist. The officially licensed costume comes with a foam-backed tunic designed to look like Emmet’s work uniform, a molded plastic mask, and a pair of foam mitts that look just like the classic Lego hands. The mask has mesh-covered eye openings and an elastic band to keep their perfectly styled hair in place. Your kiddo will look just like their favorite Lego character all night or at least as long as they can keep their accessories on.The Next Master BuilderIn Lego Movie 2 Emmet proves that sometimes growing up isn’t the answer. Keep your little one little a while longer with this Lego Movie 2 Emmet Toddler Basic Costume. Their active imagination might just lead to the next best invention—something even better than a double-decker couch.