Killer Clown Plus Size Costume

This clown gave up his day job of making children laugh…now he just murders. This Killer Clown Plus Size Costume is a frightening costume!


Some things are best in black and white. Actually, most of those things are old movies. And we tend to favor gripping dramas or charming romantic comedies, but sometimes we crave one of those early horror flicks. What would happen if they added a little color? For one thing, we’d be able to tell that all the gruesome fake blood was really delicious chocolate syrup!So this Killer Clown Plus Size Costume has the brooding look of a moody old black and white film, with just enough color to let people know how scared they should be. Because unless somebody put that clown mask on a bowl of strawberry jam, the creep underneath that makeup must be a pretty tough customer. And the attention-grabbing clown suit with clashing stripes and polka dots makes us doubly sure that he isn’t leaving out the color because he wants to escape our notice!The same can’t be said of auteur horror directors, who rely on the colorblindness of the camera to make the audience imagine that something really disturbing is happening onscreen. And it usually works, which is why ordinary people like us then rely on blankets to keep from having nightmares! That makes us easiest to spook when you catch us out and about, since we leave our blankets by the TV after we’re done cowering in fear. What happens if we suddenly come face-to-face with an evil clown like this? For one thing, we’re going to need a change of pants!